Save a Life on the 4th!

Every year around the Fourth of July, LA Animal Services Centers fill beyond capacity with terrified, lost pets. In 2017, their six LA City animal shelters took in a combined total of 823 dogs and cats from July 2 to July 6. The loud sounds of July 4th fireworks frighten dogs and cats. These frightened dogs and cats can’t find their way home and end up at the shelter.

This means that available shelter space can be the difference between life and death. You can make that life-saving difference by fostering a pet for four days or more or adopting.

LA Animal Services needs your help right now to create life-saving space.

They have hundreds of wonderful dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and sizes waiting to be your temporary companion or best friend forever. By giving an abandoned pet a new home or letting them stay with you for a short time, you are saving two lives, the one you are caring for and the one who now has room at the shelter.

Adopt or temporarily foster a shelter pet before July 4th. Visit your closest shelter or see for more information.

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