Meet Sheyna! Our newest (er, oldest) family member! Ten years young, and as sweet as they come. Her former owner developed Alzheimers and could no longer care for her. 🙁 Time to find her a new Forever Home!!
Amazingly sweet girl! First thing we did was take her to our vet for a check-out. She has some arthritis in her hips, which results in limited mobility, though she gets around pretty well. Jumping into an SUV was a little challenging, but she can easily get up and down from a sofa. She also has a little issue with her lower eyelid, which we’re treating with medicine. And she needs to lose ten pounds (couldn’t we all?!?). We’ll get her blood work back on Monday, but in the meantime, spread the word and let’s find her a home.
She’s an amazing girl who loves people and gets along with other dogs, big and small, though she does find high energy pups little annoying. Super quiet and calm. A comfy bed is about all she needs. Just a joy to be around.

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